Posted March 20, 2013 by MotiveHub in Article

5 Tips for Starting your Day on a Positive Note


The journey to a happy living begins with you and depends on the steps you will take to ensure the same.

It is a process that does take some time to happen and it takes a series of commitments to materialize. What you do today may determine who you are tomorrow and therefore this journey should be taken on a step-by-step basis where you live each day at a time.

People take different approaches to life but what matters most is the result; if it makes you happy at the end of the day, so be it.

Here are some tips that will guide you to start every day of your life on a positive note;

Every morning when you wake up, convince yourself that you are the best and that you can do anything. Every new day presents new challenges but by being prepared, you are setting your mind up to face anything and you are likely to emerge victorious no matter how tough some situations may be. Not many people will come to tell you how good you are, after all everyone has a life to live.

Do some simple workouts every morning. Waking up to some workouts either in the house or at the gym is a great recipe for relaxing your brain. It makes you have a relaxed day all day and you will be stronger in the way you handle different situations.

If you are a believer, say a prayer every morning you wake up. Saying a prayer and asking your maker to see you through your day is another great way of kicking it off positively. This ensures that your mind has been freed and you have designated that responsibility to God to see you through.

Never go to bed angry. If you want to have a good day, make sure that all the time you sleep a happy person. Going to bed angry only makes it worse because you are giving your mind the chance to think about negative things which in turn form the bulk of what is in your mind and hence a stressful life.

Live around positive-thinking people. Your company determines who you are no matter how strong-willed you might purport to be. The things people around you tell you will give you the basis of your reasoning and therefore it is always good having people who share positive ideas.

There are so many other things that help you start your day on a positive note but most of them depend on individuals.

Some people will read inspirational quotes from various books; others will read religious books, while others will listen to good music.

Having a good breakfast has some far reaching implications on the day ahead. Trust me hunger can spoil your moods in a big way. Imagine spending your early morning in office with your stomach growling for lack of support.

Always remember that your everyday happiness is the beginning of your happy life. Choose what you do carefully and everything shall be ok.