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Can You Remove a Limiting Belief for Life in 30 Minutes?


Can you remove a limiting belief in 30 minutes – or even 1 hour?

That is what lefkoe method claims to do.

I will not give you the history or evolution or any background information on this method. If you must know that stuff then visit the link above.

I am going to tell you what it did for me.

I took a belief that i had for years and tried the steps here: http://www.recreateyourlife.com/free/

I am not going to tell you what was the belief i had. Before starting on the free techniques on these videos i even didnot know i had one! But as i sat through each one of them and listened, suddenly one rang true – very true in fact. I felt a jolt with the realization. This is what has been holding me back for all these years!

Did the techniques described in the videos remove my belief forever? Honestly forever is too long and  i do not know yet. But i have felt a mental shift which never happened before, though i tried so many tapes of self help and strategies.

The shift is very subtle – but it is there. And i have found a new energy to work.

Time will tell if it sustains – but i think it is a good idea for anyone struggling in some areas of life to listen to this program (free). You may discover the mental blocks and beliefs that had been a drag to your life.

Go check it out at: http://www.recreateyourlife.com/free/