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How can you effectively deal with a blossoming romance at workplace?

flirting at work
flirting at work

In a workplace, you may have to deal with a number of situations and problems. Some of these may be expected while some others may crop up when you least expect them. Dealing with work stress or problematic colleagues is almost everyone habituated to but the same cannot be said about workplace romances. When this does happen, you need to be very careful. For natural reasons, you may not be able to stop feelings of your heart altogether. However, if you fall in love with a colleague, male or female, the issue can become tacky. It needs to be dealt with caution and excesses should be avoided at any cost. You should not risk your reputation at work and damage professional credential for workplace romance. Of course, there are instances of people who succeeded in making a workplace romance work and some of them have proceeded to marital relations.

First of all, you need be sure that the co worker who you suspect to be in love with you is actually in love! It is important to ensure that you are not reading too much into a case of casual or simple admiration. It may so happen that the guy or woman feels a comfort level with you or simply likes to flirt. Look for visible signs and observe his or her behavior pattern carefully and do not run into a conclusion too soon. Smiles, gestures and offers of coffee date are prominent signs but you should take time to analyze these.

When you are convinced that the concerned colleague is really in love with you, it is important to think of the possible implications. Things are relatively easier if she or he is placed at same designation in the company. However, dating a senior colleague can always be tricky as it may raise many eyebrows. It may have an impact on the coworkers in your team and some of them may look at it from a negative perspective. You also need to think of the long term implications of getting into such a relation. If the job is important to you, will you be able to carry on in case the relation does not work out?

You need to think of company policies about romance between two employees in some companies, it is allowed but you cannot expect that in every organization. In so eases, it might backfire and can be bad for your career growth.

Before getting involved with the colleague both of you need to discuss and think of certain issues about the relation. No matter how liberal the company policies are on this topic, gossip is bound to happen. Obviously, some colleagues may pass some not so favorable remarks and those may reach your ear. Ask yourself if you will be able to deal with such stuff at workplace.

When both of you agree to get into a relation, it will be good to keep it low, at least in the beginning. You may enjoy coffee or tea together during breaks at work or you may ask him or her to drop home. However, avoid being seen together at most of the times by others. Avoid indulging in overtly affectionate behavior at workplace for practical reasons. No matter whether you tell this to others or not they will notice at some point of time. You need to be really careful about breaking the new to your colleagues, especially those in your team. They may find it faster than you think in some instances as well. Make sure that you do not share intimate details of your relation. However, based on your comfort level and rapport with the employer, you can inform him or her about it.

Let not the romance affect your performance and image at workplace at any rate. It would be good if you avoid leaving the office together every day. When there is a deadline to meet at work, pay attention to it rather than hurrying to finish work because you have plans to watch movie at night with your colleague!

It may be very hard on both of you if the relation does not work out eventfully. However, in such situation, you should not try to let the failure affect your professional life. You can part amiably agreeing not to let the workplace equation get affected. The accusation and mudslinging after a failed relation will not get you anything. It would be a prudent idea to accept the fact and move on with life.