Posted May 17, 2013 by rhita in Article

How to become popular with your subordinates and win respect at work?

For any employer, dealing with employees and maintaining a cordial rapport with them is very important. This holds true if you are a company owner or a team leader. When you deal with a number of people in your company ranked below your designation, having good terms with them can be crucial for growth of the entity. In any organization, employees tend to keep a distance from employers. You need to maintain a fine balance between maintaining you designation’s seniority and being approachable and friendly to juniors in your organization. You have to understand that it is better to earn respect of employees rather than having employees who do their chores mechanically but dislike you from the core of heart.

To win respect of your employees it is not enough to issue circulars about workplace decorum and rules. You have to set the precedent by adhering to organization rules and disciplines. When the employees see the seniors adhering to rules and disciplines they will feel the motivation to do the same. If you arrive late at the office everyday and return home early, you should not expect the subordinates to be punctual. Besides, when you stay at office at scheduled timing, the employees will know that the employer is careful about observing others and they will not be late.

It is prudent and practical that you acknowledge the credit to someone when he or she exceeds the expectation or succeeds in resolving difficult situation at work. An employee even if he or she is not senior, deserves the due credit for achievements. You can call up the employee personally and convey your regards for the deed. Emails and phone calls can do but nothing works better than a personal conversation, face to face. It can also be a good idea to give them small incentive or a reward for such acts.

At times, you may fund one of the employees in the company has made a mistake and that as affected production or workflow adversely. It is important to make him or her aware of the mistake but you should not appear ruthless and harsh. It would be a good idea to begin the conversation on a positive or neutral tone. You can tell the employee that you consider him or her as an asset for the company and such erroneous acts are not expected. It will yield better result than reprimanding him severely which can hurt his self esteem and make him feel down. It is also prudent that you communicate with the concerned employee separately.

It is also important that you know have a cordial relation with staffs and a minimum knowledge about their whereabouts. An employer who maintains a stone cold poise and distance from employees cannot expect the subordinates to be open about any issue. It will also help you deal with individual employees should any problem crop up with them.

While you may have certain policies in place for employees it is necessary to take their feedback from time to time. You may not have ideas about issues that they have but do not have ways to share with employer. Their feedback help you understand about issues that can affect productivity and workflow and you can modify company policies and employee facilities accordingly.

It is very important that you remain neutral and impartial when it comes to appraising your employees. Not everybody will be equal performer and you may shower praise and rewards on deserving candidates. However, ensure that does not come across a partiality in other’ eyes because you will need teamwork at the end of the day.