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How to cope with unreasonable co workers at workplace?


No matter how hard you try to maintain a good and healthy rapport with everyone at workplace, there can be a thorn that will keep you pricking every now and then. Finding an office bully or malicious colleague is something everyone experiences at some point in life. He or she can be in same department or may be your superior at work. Irrespective of his position and designation, you need to master the ways to cope with such hostile co workers. In extreme situations, you may consider moving to another job but before that you can resort to a number of proven and effective tactics to survive such colleagues.

Be calm and professional- No matter how much a particular colleague tries to irritate you and causes trouble deliberately; do no lose your calm and way of response. If you retort angrily and become abusive after he provokes you that will lower your professional credential. You can tell yourself maybe he has problems in life or suffers from frustration which he is taking out on you. However, you refuse to be provoked and retort without forgetting dignity and decorum of workplace. This will earn you some brownie points in eyes of management. Getting agitated can affect your productivity as well.

Try to analyze the situation- There can be various reasons behind a colleague’s hostile and unreasonable behavior. You may try to think of possible reasons for his hostility and bullying mentality. If you had hurt him or her knowingly, try to find it out. If the resentment is caused by work related issues and he thinks you are not performing your duties properly, that needs to be checked. This can sometimes change the behavior and attitude of such problematic people. However, at times such co workers have agendas not related to work. They may have personal prejudices and issues behind such shallow attitude.

Ignoring can work- At times, ignoring pesky co- workers can solve the situation to an extent. If you are convinced the concerned person is creating problem mainly owing to his low mindset and does not have any work related reasons behind misbehaving with you, try ignoring. When the pesky co-worker will see that you are not paying heed to his pricking or bullying tactics, he may give up after a time. Of course you cannot avoid interacting with him if he is in same department and related to your work.

Escalate the issue to management- When very other strategy to thwart advances of hostile colleagues fail, this remains the last option. In some companies, the management offers various options to employees to present their grievances about any work related aspect to them. You can avail this opportunity to let the management know about the situation. Chances are there, they will take not of the situation and carry out probe at background. If they find out the concerned person is indeed breaching his or her limits, they will take appropriate steps. However, you should resort to this after trying everything else.


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