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How to Deal with Stress in Office life


Office is the place where most of tension and mental pressure in a professional’s life arise. Until the time one enters the Corporate world, everything seems very good and green but it is only after stepping in the professional life, that one gets to know how important stress management is.

Self improvement is the key to success in the Office environment. There is no short cut to success and no particularly followed path can lead an individual to success.

What I mean to say is that success cannot be spoon-fed. Generally it happens that in the wake of his/her professional life, an individual gets so over-stressed that he can think of nothing else except the office and his work. This is where he goes wrong.

Birbal, one of the courtiers in the court of Akbar, the great Indian emperor had once remarked that we should not over stress or overburden with anything as nothing is permanent. Good times and bad times are alike in the manner that with the passage of time, both shall pass away, giving way to the other.

To quote his exact words, “This time shall pass away.” We are living in the world of “the survival of the fittest”, where if you cannot adapt yourself to the dynamic world then you are left with no other option except to perish. Thus the constant need for self improvement and stress management can never be avoided or ignored.

Self improvement is not an easy procedure. Patience is what comes to the forefront to improve oneself. Nothing changes in a day or two. Constant hammering while the iron is hot is required to properly shape the iron.

Here we get to understand the two concepts, that is the effort should be persistent or consistent whatsoever you may call it and the other fact is that the iron should be struck to shape it when it is hot, needless of the fact that circumstances play an important part in self improvement.

But this can only be possible if the need and urge for self improvement comes from an individual’s within. “Necessity is the mother of all invention” is the quote which aptly fits in this context. Stress management is a process which needs to be practiced constantly.

No particularly defined ways can lead to avoiding stress but one can just try. Here I would provide you with some suggested ways which are helpful in stress management.

- Stress is not always harmful but it depend how you take it. When stress becomes a burden for you then at that point, the stress should be avoided because then that would lead to demoralization and a point of time would come when the person would get excessively frustrated and feel like giving up.

- Try and think what is right and not what is wrong. This might sound ridiculous because in a stressful situation, thinking about just stressful things is normal but thinking about right things in your life increases the rush of adrenaline which is a sort of feel good hormone. So when one feels good about himself then stress gets vanished.

- Engage in your favorite leisure time. This is a tested way of relieving your tension whether it be professional or personal.

- Engage yourself in some active sports because this again attracts your attention towards the sports you are engaged in and helps you not to get too worked out by helping you to avoid thinking about the problems.

- Meditation is a lot spoken about way of stress management. This cools down your nerves and helps you to breathe easy and relax. Meditation also helps you to develop self control which helps in self improvement as well.

- Talk your heart out with a friend or a guide of yours who you think is your well wisher and in whom you can confide everything. The person can be anybody and even a stranger if you do not like talking it out in front of a known person.

- Scribble down your feelings in a white sheet of paper and then burn away the paper because this makes you feel that the problem has been vanished for a time being as the problem written on the paper gets burnt away. But this is not a permanent way of dealing with the stress. You will somehow have to deal with it later in the near future.

- Do not get irritated by thinking about the stressful thing or the problem continuously. Give it some time to get things to normal. No problem can get solved by panicking and it is well said that “time is the best medicine”.

- Rank your other tasks according to priority and do not let this stress increase your problems. If this happens then you build a web of problems for yourself out of which you cannot come out even if you want to. So just avoid it if you do not find a possible solution for it right then.

- Try and socialize with as many people possible then because loneliness would just make you feel worse. With someone to share your problem, the solution becomes easier. Moreover it helps to drift your thought away as well.

Well these were certain ways which could help you in stress management as well as self improvement. And the best person who can help you further is nobody other than you yourself. so have faith in yourself because everybody in this world goes through a bad phase, be it even GOD for that matter.