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How to enhance your communication skills for career prospect?

Communication skills
Communication skills

For consolidating your career there are many things you need to pay attention to. A strong academic record will enhance or job prospects to an extent but that is not all. The way you communicate with interviewers and conduct yourself at work also says a lot about you. Communication skills are very important for progressing in your career, no matter whether your subject is biology or computer science. It has often been seen talented candidates with excellent scores in all their academic life faring poorly in interviews and at work owing to lack of confidence in communication. There are several ways you can enhance your communicative skills at work.

Assessment of your communicative abilities is required

Before you start working on improving your communicative skills, it is important to know exactly where you stand. For some people, written skills are good but they stammer or stutter while speaking. This can be caused by lack of confidence or poor grasp on vocabulary. On the contrary, people with excellent spoken skill but poor writing skill are also there. Even in written communication, eloquence and brevity needs to be used in various situations and you need to master these aspects. Some people also have problems with their accents. You may need professional help to overcome accent related shortcomings since in most companies neutral English accent is preferred.

Working on the communication standard

After you assess and understand your communication skills, improvements can be made accordingly. You can always resort to audio visual guides. However, experts suggest that the best tool you can use to improve your speaking and writing skills is listening. By becoming a patient listener, you can really augment your skills of communication. It will help you to improve your vocabulary and you will learn apt ways to start and end conversation. You can find a lot of free and useful resources in web on this regard. Downloading and listening to these lessons can be of great help to you.

Written and spoken communication

It is also important that you know the ways to differentiate between spoken and written communication in professional capacity. In corporate world, a lot of abbreviations and hybrid terms are accepted while speaking but when you are writing an email to a colleague or senior, the same phrases may not be suitable.

Think of our appearance and body language

Communication is not necessarily limited to the words you speak or write. In a professional setup, your dress sense, body language, gestures and gaze are also part of communication. You need to reflect confidence and professionalism in your demeanor at office for effective communication.

Timing of communication is important

Timing also plays an important role in communication in workplace. When you need to communicate an issue or problem to a colleague or superior, timing is of paramount importance. It may be better if you do not delve into the topic directly at times especially when the concerned person is neck deep in work. Choosing the right time to convey your message, whether verbally or in written form will fetch you better results.

Tweak communication modes based on the situation

You may need to tweak your communication modes based on type of coworkers you have. Not every colleague has same mentality and preference and one type of communication may not suit everyone equally. For example, some people prefer chat messengers for communication at work while some others find it annoying. They may prefer telephonic conversation. There are still those people for whom nothing works better than face to face conversation. The communication tools are numerous and you need to use the apt one as per needs.

Exceptions can be made to hierarchy at workplace for communication

In every workplace, a hierarchy is present and most of the times, certain communications are made from the uppermost levels. However, exceptions can occur at times. If you need to discuss some issue related to work to any problem you are facing, there is nothing wrong in communicating the matter to the management. However, you have to maintain official protocols and rules for starting the communication.

Think before you communicate at workplace

At workplace, every word or phrase you use matters and something said on casual tone may lead to undesirable situations at times. In stressful situations, you need to be careful about anything you say. Avoid using words and phrases that can have tones of accusations or personal insinuations. You need to be analytical and observant in such situations and communicate after taking stock of the situation well.


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