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How to ensure you do everything right while changing jobs?


Owing to a number of reasons working professionals think of making change in career. It could be due to lack of satisfaction in present job. Some professionals also think of applying for new jobs when they find there is not enough scope of growth in the company and feel stagnant. In some cases, people have to look for new jobs when their industries are hit hard by recession. No matter what your reason is for seeking a job change, you need to plan strategically to avoid ending up in a worse situation.

To ensure, you do not end up with a job unsuited for your profile and temperament, do a lot of homework before leaving the present job. You should not be in a hurry to change the existing job even though it seems unbearable to you after a level. You have to remember the fact in every job and office, you are likely to face some unpleasant aspects and hurdles. The perfect job where everything is the way you want exists only in dreams. Therefore, weigh the pros and cons of a new job or sector which you are eying before you submit resignation. If possible, apply at a number of jobs and compare the openings carefully to understand which one is best suited for you.

It is always better you perform a reality check about your skill sets before changing jobs. Based on the type of the new job, you may even need to acquire new skills. For people belonging to IT and technology sector, this is almost mandatory. It is a mistake to think you can sail through the new ground with your existing skill set. Nowadays, you can easily upgrade your IT and other skills while you are doing a job. Enroll in an online course that enables you to polish your skill and acquire new ones while you continue working. This will leave you better equipped for a new job.

There was a time people used to pay maximum attention to the CV. This is no longer the case when the internet has become a part and parcel of your life. Along with resume, pay attention to making online job profiles and updating the regularly. Joining professional networking sites and this will help you getting in touch with prospective employers and companies. Even in regular social media sites you can find lots of such groups where you can connect and interact with like minded people.

One serious mistake many men and women make is they overlook financial aspects and debts before making job switch. You need to think of existing loans and debts before making job change. Usually, the moth you resign and join new job, certain expenses accumulate and therefore, you need to save some extra money before you call it quits.

Do not hurry if you find the industry position of your company is not inspiring and start planning accordingly. Some people get into a panic mode when they feel insecure about their existing job or company. It is important to keep your cool and take one step at a time. Make a plan of how you are going to quit existing job and get into a better one. It takes time to get into a better job and hurrying will only make you more prone to making mistakes.

There are a lot of people who get into jobs that are not their preferred choice for certain reasons. If you happen to be one of them, be careful when you make a switchover. Start applying for jobs in sectors that hold interest for you and suit your mindset better. Maybe it will take more time to prepare yourself for a new sector but be consistent in your efforts and it will be fruitful for you. Just because a lot of people opt for administrative jobs with fat salary, you do not have to opt for them. If you are more inclined towards creative jobs do not hesitate to make the choice only because less people are in that domain.

While everyone wants a new job that comes with a better salary, let not money be the only parameter for making the switchover. It does not make sense to get into a job that pays well but takes toll on your nerves and you get into a stressful environment. Job satisfaction is also important in this context and you have to think of flexibility at work. Try to find out information about a company’s employee policies and facilities apart from remuneration.

At times, preparing on your own may be inadequate for getting into a new job. Apart from utilizing available online resources and tips from senior colleagues, you may seek professional help. A professional and veteran career counselor can help you out and show the right way.