Posted May 4, 2013 by rhita in Article

How to ensure you have a cordial relation with your employer?

When you get into a job or switch to a new one, one of your important thoughts is about keeping cordial terms with the employer. However, for a majority of people, keeping low at presence of employer and being formal is the most feasible thing as far as cordial terms are concerned. However, staying out of the employer’s way and maintaining a formal distance may not necessarily improve his or her professional equation with you. While you are not supposed to be very jovial and casual with the employer, it is necessary to make him learn about your professional activities and seriousness about the job. Otherwise, your inputs and efforts will remain unnoticed by him. The employer needs to look after so many aspects and people in professional capacity and so it important you develop a healthy professional rapport with him.

When employees surpass expectations and walk the extra mile, it does not remain unnoticed by the management in majority of cases. When you perform really well and put in your best efforts, it will surely impress your employer. It may happen when you complete a project ahead of deadline or complete assignment in excellent manner.

Professional employees do not always need to be told what they are supposed to do. With time, you can develop an understanding of the type of work you are supposed to do. If you do the needful and arrange things for an assignment that need to be executed earlier it may help the workflow. When you perform your assignment before expected time and remain ready for the upcoming lot, it creates a positive impression on your seniors including the boss.

It helps when you can think differently and offer creative inputs, based on the type of work and your designation. If any suggestion given by you proves to be helpful for workflow and productivity, the management will take note of it. Apart from monetary incentive and pay hike, this will help you in staying good books of the employer.

Staying positive and cheerful can help you impress the employer. While there is bound to be occasional stress and conflict at workplace, an employer who does not lose calm amidst such problems gets noticed by the management. It will also help focus n your work and make fewer mistakes. A person with positive attitude is actually like by all colleagues regardless of his or her designation.

It is important that you remain careful about treating the workspace with care. Employers sometimes monitor how careful and responsible employees are about using the resources. Try not to use resources when it is not needed. For example, hogging excess bandwidth and keeping lights longer than necessary are things you can avoid. Keeping your desk and cubicle neat and clean also makes the employer think that you are organized and professional by nature.

It is very important that you observe the communication type preferred by your employer. It will help you keep a nice relation with him or her. Some employers prefer email as the suitable mode to contact whether it is for wishing on birthday or a discussion on a project. However, you will still find employers who like face to face discussion. Understanding your employer’s suitable communication mode will help you deal with him or her better. If the boss hates using messenger much and you interrupt his work by pinging from the messenger app, it will not lead to anything positive.

While the management may have its method for reviewing your performance as an employee, you can also ask for feedback. That may be done in an indirect manner as well. You may do better than waiting for your yearly or half yearly performance appraisal and take feedback from the employer. This will help you understand his thinking on your performance. You can also improve on areas he wants easily when you interact for this purpose.