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How to impress a new client and win his faith?

Impressive results
Impressive results

In last two decades things have changed in corporate sector a lot and professional dealings are no longer restricted to products and services alone. It is also important to develop relationships and rapport with clients that go beyond selling and buying products. No matter if you sell insurance or computer accessories, it may seem like a challenge to grab order from a new client or convince him about a deal. While there is no ready made formula that you can use to impress a client and win his confidence a few strategies can be employed to maximize your prospects.

While you may feel that your products are solid in terms of performance quality and you are offering at competitive rates that may not suffice. It is of great importance to have a good understanding of what the client wants. To find it out, you need to interact with a client and through conversation find out the likings and dislikes. At times, aspects like color and penchant for things like gadgets can work wonders. It may so happen the client is not perfectly happy with a product you are showcasing. In that case, you may offer him some alternative that can meet his needs better. Even when the meeting does not fetch you the deal, end it on a positive note, expressing your hope that you may interact again on business.

It is always better that before you meet a client in person, whether at his facility or at your office, find information and resources on him. This has become quite simple thanks to the web. In professional networking site sand social media forums you can gather lots of information on a client and his company quickly. You can get lots of resources on these sites that can help you know about what the client prefers and you can use such information during the meeting. In fact, if you can find an area of common interest with the client like his hobby that can help both of you to break ice and develop a rapport. You will find that some clients actively pursue creative hobbies outside work.

When you meet with a client for the first time, everything from your demeanor to your looks should exude confidence. When a client is dealing with a vendor for the first time he wants to see and analyze confidence level and professionalism of the person. Even if it is a high profile client, that thought should not make you feel intimidated. It is also import to be punctual and reach the venue at time if you go to his office.

You need to equip yourself with everything like demo DVD, documents, free product sample if possible and brochures. Every client is unique and you can never predict what they prefer. Some of them may prefer watching product DVD while there are others who still like reading papers rather than looking at Web Pages. If you do not have anything that the client prefers to learn more about your company’s services or products, that can be negative for future business prospects. Keep everything you need to present him neatly arranged. It does not look nice if you fumble with documents and bags during the interaction.

It may create a good impression on a client when you keep the professional rapport alive and exchange pleasantries at keratin occasions. For example, sending e cards and online greetings to a client you had an interaction with earlier looks nice and professional. All it takes is a few words but it can create positive impression on his mind which may yield results in long run.

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