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How to increase your credibility and importance at workplace?

Track Record
Track Record

Everyone wants to grow in career and earn reputation along with promotions and incentives in the workplace. However, this may not be a cakewalk given the stress and complications involved in modern work scenes. It is important that you do your best to establish a positive image in the eye of the employer and management. This will help you grow in the company and wok in your favor in trying times. Many employees seem to forget the fact apparently overlooked aspects like timing, resource usage and they way they communicate go a long way in developing their image or tarnishing it. Below listed are a handful of tips that will be useful if you want to earn favor and credibility at workplace.

The time of arriving and leaving at workplace is very important. Even when you become a senior employee at the workplace, do not take the timing for granted. Make it a point of arriving in time, if not early and leaving at the desired time. The management will take a note of this and at the time of annual performance appraisal this will go in your favor.

It is important that you pay highest priority to work. When there is workload, you may spare yourself the lure of breaks. If you work diligently and complete work within deadlines, the management will be lenient towards granting leaves in long run.

The dress code and body language says a lot about you. It would be a good idea not to dress in our tee sand denims on Fridays even when your company allows so. Using professional attire gives an impression that you are serious about the work. It helps if you are supposed to meet a client on those days at workplace.

It is very important that you keep work and personal life totally separate. You may have a tussle with your spouse or parents at home but do not take it out on your colleagues. It would be a good idea to cut yourself off from personal life when you are at workplace except in some emergency situations.

It is important to maintain a level of decency and professionalism at workplace with everyone even if you do not like the person on a personal level. There can be times of stress and conflict at the work but it is important to be cool.

In every organization, whether it is an insurance firm or an IT company there will be some employees who are not productive by nature and love indulging in useless gossips every now and then. Try to avoid their company as far as you can without being rude. If you spend more time chatting with them it will affect your level of productivity and will not make the management feel good about you.

It is also important that you be careful about any written or formal communication made to co workers and management. Whether it is an email or printed letter that you need to send should be meticulously composed, devoid of anything unprofessional. This helps in building a professional image at the organization.

There are a lot of employees who are simply not careful about utilizing resources and avoid running into excesses. You have to remember that at workplace, you should avoid misusing or overusing resources, be it electricity or internet data limit. At times, watching videos online during breaks is fine, but do not make it a daily habit as it can hog lots of web bandwidth which the employer is paying for. Similarly, try to conserve resources like electricity and water as far as possible.

It is essential to keep your desk or work cubicle free of clutter. It not only looks good but saying organized helps you begin and wrap up work faster. It will be easier for you find a file or folder when your desk is organized. Same can be said about the computer desktop and file organization.