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How to keep yourself motivated when you work as freelancer?

Business word cloud for business and finance concept, Freelance
Business word cloud for business and finance concept, Freelance

Nowadays a lot of men and women are opting for working from home type of jobs. Freelancing from home has become a suitable career option for many of them. In fact, a number of top notch IT companies and MNCs are also offering their employees occasional allowances to work from their homes. This can be helpful when you feel sick but the work needs to be done or there is some transport problem. There are numerous benefits and flexibilities that you can avail when you work from a home based setup. However, nothing in life can be uniformly good and you may face some problems when you work like that. One big drawback associated with freelancing from home is lack of motivation and scopes of distraction. This can affect work quality and make you slog till late hours.

To ensure you stay motivated when working from home for a period or full time, you can try the following tips.

It is very important to keep your area of work organized. Unlike office, you may simply use a computer table and chair for work at home. However, ensure everything is organized in work table and you do not have to spend time searching for documents, CD, storage media or anything that you need frequently when working. A cluttered workspace does not inspire motivation to work as such.

Before you wrap up work every day, make a list of what needs to be done for the next day. It sounds trivial but in effect it can make things simpler and easier to manage for you. It will help you start work the following day with vigor since you know everything is arranged.

It is important that you set deadlines that you can manage. This is where many professionals falter. They take up more than what is practically manageable and as a result struggle to meet the deadlines. Not only it puts a burden on your mind and body but affects quality of work to an extent. Remember, if you have to work for long hours and have little time left for relaxation and personal needs, it defeats the basic purpose of freelancing and working from home.

Even when you work from home, it is not uncommon to feel bored at times. To alleviate your mind of boredom of work, you can take small breaks. Have a cup of tea or coffee when you feel a little bogged down. Similarly, you can play soothing music at low volumes to make working enjoyable. It may be a good idea to walk in garden for a few minutes to fresh your mind.

To increase level of motivation when you work from home, get rid of visual and other types of distraction. It will be helpful if you do not stay logged into social media profiles and keep messenger apps on when you work. This can distract you big time and you may waste lots of time chatting with people when you are supposed to focus on work.

You can also use a proven psychological trick to stay motivated when you work from home. You can promise yourself small treats for accomplishment of targets. It could be an ice cream you savor or a movie at weekend. This will make you feel like wrapping up work in time.


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