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How to overcome the grief of losing a close person?

Great grief
Great grief

Losing a close person can be a really traumatic experience for anyone, man or woman. Whether you lose any of your parents or a dear cousin, the grief may seem overwhelming for quite some time. Same can be said about those people who lose their fiancé or very close friends. Whether the death is caused by a mishap or it is a natural death, the feeling of vacuum and intense pain cannot be avoided. Some people have the capability to absorb the pain with time and they can come to terms with reality. However, for some others overcoming the grief can be very difficult. You can try the following methods to overcome the loss of a near one and resume normal life.

First of all, you need to let out the feeling of pain and grief within you. It does not help when you keep feelings stored up inside your mind. In some cases, suppressing emotions can be detrimental for your mental health. There can be various methods to let out the feeling and based on your nature and comfort level you can choose the apt one. Some people may feel like crying their heart out to close friends while for some other crying out loud in bathroom while putting the tap and shower on works the best. It will help you vent out the pain to an extent and calm down gradually.

When the feeling of loneliness after demise of a close person grips you hard try not to stay alone most of the times. Apart from your family members, spend time with close friends you feel comfortable with. They can help you stave away that lonesome feeling to an extent. Even if you find the company of a pet like a parrot soothing, there is no harm with that. You can spend weekends with close friends or visit a relative sometimes.

You have to realize the fact that you are not the only person in this whole wide world who has lost a near one. Look around and you will find everyone, no matter how rich or famous the person is, suffers from same loss and their status, money and fame cannot thwart the grief and pain. You will also feel that after a period of time they have accepted the sad fact and moved on. If they can resume life after such a loss, so can you.

Find something that offers you solace or fulfillment in such a period. It may vary from one person to another. You can take up hobbies that suit your mindset. Gardening or going to meditation centers can work to soothe your mind. Doing so will help you to resume life and work.