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How to strengthen your team in the organization?


No matter how talented and hardworking you are, in an office or any workplace, success depends on teamwork. Even if you put in your best efforts and do everything needful to boost productivity, without teamwork the objective cannot be fulfilled. If there is lack of co ordination and synchronization in member of your team, you cannot expect desired productivity and output. Whether you are a team leader with a dozen people in your team or a hold a managerial position in a large MNC, it is very important to keep your team members motivated. You have to develop professional rapport with them and ensure work gets high priority by each of them. Below listed are some tried and tested measures that can be used to develop teamwork in the organization.

It is important that you know everyone in your department and team personally. Even if you are in a managerial position in a company with several team leaders under you, it is better if you know individuals in different teams personally. When you know team members individually, you can get better understanding of their personalities. This in turn helps you to deal with them in tough times in the most apt way. You can also find suitable ways to motivate them individually when the need arises. The same method cannot be applied in generic way to all and that does not cut much ice anyway.

To develop rapport with the members in your team, you may sometimes spend spare time with them at workplace, while still maintaining a subtle distance from professional perspective. Coffee and lunch beaks can be used to develop camaraderie with your team members to an extent. Of course, parties and fun events at the company are also useful in this context.

While you hold a position of seniority that does not mean the inputs of juniors in the team cannot be helpful. At times, inputs given by junior team members can prove to be useful. When they find their ideas are being appreciated it gives them reason to stay motivated about the job. It also helps new employees the inspiration to be rank about their ideas and thoughts.

At times, appreciations outside monetary context can work wonders on your employees and team members. While performance based incentives are quite common, you can make it a point to encourage those employees who exceed your expectation. You should call such team members personally and convey your appreciation to them at a suitable time. As it is, a face to face conversation works far better than email, which is a tad formal.

It is important that you identify employees with specific skill sets in your team or department and assign them to handle suitable responsible. Some people have good administrative skills while some others excel at multitasking. At times, making small tweaks in our team for better handling of tasks and division of work can work wonders.

At times, it helps to be a little vigilant in workplace. In any organization you can find employees lacking a productive mindset. They can also affect other in the department and that can bring down overall output. Identify workers who do not utilize productive time and ensure they do not idle away the time and do not affect others much.

It is important that you keep discussing work related issues at regular intervals with your team members in professional way that benefits all. Arrange weekly or bi weekly meetings with your team members and encourage them to discuss anything related to work in such times. This will help your team members to be vocal about issues affecting workflow or any problem they are facing. This will also eliminate chances of conflict and problem at work. You need to be tactful about meeting timings as well. Do not arrange such meetings at the time when everyone wants to leave office or on a day when everyone is stressed out.

Everyone loves to get unexpected surprises and corporate employees are no exceptions. At times, unexpected and surprise treats and snacks may act as a morale booster than a formal mail or message from management to congratulate a team for good performance.

When your team makes a mistake you need to convey your displeasure without hurting their ego and making them negative. You may tell them you expect far better performance from the team and they have a nice track record. Conclude your speech saying you are sure they will do far better next time.