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How to win new clients as a freelancer and retain existing ones?

Presentation for client
Presentation for client

Nowadays a lot of professionals hailing from various academic backgrounds reject regular jobs in lieu of freelancing. Freelancers enjoy flexibility and freedom of working that no company can offer and these keep them glued despite the drawbacks and bumpy rides associated with such work. However, success in freelancing, whether you do web designing or develop content for websites, depends on your term with clients. As long as you now ways to get new clients and retain old ones, there will be no shortage of work and assignments. There is no magic formula to woo clients and keep them impressed but genuineness and hard work pays in long run. Below listed are a number of tips that will help you to get new clients and retain regular ones.

The first thing when you want to succeed as a freelancer is that you will need lots of patience. There is no miracle that can fetch you high paying clients overnight. Especially, when you begin your journey in the industry, it may be hard to get new clients. However, the keyword is persistence and diligence, be prepared to keep some sample of work ready. The clients will be more interested in seeing what you are capable of doing or creating rather than seeing your documents of academic credentials.

Nowadays, internet has become an inseparable part of our lives and as a freelancing professional, you need to have an active online presence. It is not hard to setup your website or blog site and you can do so without learning any programming. Ensure the website you have looks professional and it is easy to navigate. Your contact information should be given properly.

Besides, having presence in social media platforms is also important. Apart from general social networking, make profiles in professional networking circles. Equip your social media profiles with focus on your skills and work. This will help you get clients in less time. It is also important to update your profiles in these sites regularly.

While getting new clients is good for you as a freelancer, it is equally necessary to retain the existing clients. When you continue working with a client, the rapport becomes easier and it is beneficial for both sides. You do not have to worry about payments while the client need not fret about getting work within deadlines and quality. The following tips will be helpful for you to retain existing clients.

The first thing you have to do to retain a client is being honest and frank with him and her. If you think you are not capable of taking up some assignment or project be candid about it and explain why that is not possible for you. It is always better if you are candid about your limitations than taking up work which is too big for your capacity and end up with a half baked job. This will help you a lot in winning his or her trust.

When you take up a new assignment from a client, try to avoid misusing money and resources as far as you can. Deliver projects within deadlines and this will make the client feel that you are responsible and professional.

At times, it may so happen that the client is not very happy with the outcome of a particular project. He may think some things may need to be modified. In such scenario, it is important that you analyze the situation from a neutral perspective. The fact that the client is paying you for getting what he desires cannot be dined. However, you can also explain changes that are necessary for feasibility and customer mindset viewpoints if required. If you can provide enough examples and elaborate the points logically, chances are there he will agree with them.

Even when you are well acquainted with a client, treat him professionally at all times. The client should not get the impression that you have become less professional or prompt in your interactions. Revert to his mails and calls as soon as possible. If you are busy at work, answer back when you get free. This will make the client think that your level of professionalism has not changed and he can count on you in future.