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How you can become a desired colleague at office?


Everyone needs to cope with numerous types of people at workplaces, irrespective of what industry he or she is in. In practical scenarios, dealing with different types of colleagues may prove to be tedious. However, this is something you cannot avoid. You cannot expect very co worker to think along same lines as you and behave at decency and politeness personified at all times! You will have to find ways to become a favorite among your colleagues if you have to work and interact with several coworkers frequently. This is not very difficult if you adhere to some tried and tested strategies. When you are liked by a majority of colleagues it helps you work better and deal with work related stress in more effective manner.

We are all human beings and at times, when we are stressed or we are provoked by others beyond a limit, we may get angry. However, you have to remember the act that at office, you are not supposed to show your anger unless it is something absolutely extreme and serious. You may be angry when a co worker does not co operate or does not agree with your point of view when you work together but try not to lose your cool. If you maintain a minimum level of courtesy and decency in your interactions, it will enhance your image amidst colleagues in long run.

In every office, whether it is an IT firm or FMCG company, office gossips are a part of the work culture. At times, you may feel like joining in such conversations. While light participation may not be harmful, try to steer clear of conversations involving company heads, management, conflict between departments and similar subjects. You have to remember that you are getting paid for your work and not for indulging in discussion that do not contribute to the organization’s growth. At times, indulging is office gossip may get you in bad books of management as well.

People love getting unexpected surprises and your colleagues should not be exception. If you give them small occasional treats, that may earn you some brownie points. It can be a fine way to beat stress and take small breaks from monotony of work.

Even small acts of generosity and co -operations do not get unnoticed at work. When your team is stressed with work, you can offer them getting cups of coffee from the machines. This is a small act but it will draw appreciation.

You have to keep in mind that co working means space sharing and hence you need to keep the place clean and tidy. Nothing annoys a person in office more than untidy coworkers in next cubicle and desk. A neatly maintained desk and cubicle looks good and makes things easier for you as well. Be careful about the things you share with co workers including internet bandwidth. When someone is trying to communicate with a client through video conference in next room, you should not stream YouTube for entertainment.

You can offer co workers help when you have some spare time at work. This is the best possible way to win hearts at work but maintaining balance is also necessary. Your generosity should not be treated as a shortcut to getting additional work done whenever possible.

At times, the way you talk can make a big difference on people in your team in office or colleagues you have to collaborate with often. Nowadays, everyone has stress in personal life and at times they can’t help becoming a little pessimistic and cynical at workplace. However, you can use humor and a positive attitude to change the gloom in workplace at times. A smiling colleague makes others feel good and get to work with lightened mood.

You have to think about convenience of your co- workers when you work. You may have less workload on a particular day and feel like listening to music when you wrap up the assignments. However, that may not be the case with the person sitting in next cubicle who may have a headache or has a huge workload to finish. Your entertainment and relaxation ay become a problem for him or her. Therefore, think of your colleagues before you do anything to unwind at work. If listening to music is beneficial for you to bust stress, use a headphone.

While many people do not simply think about it, expressing courtesy and saying thanks for cooperation of colleagues may enhance your image at office. When a colleague gets something done for you, do not take it for granted. Be courteous and do not forget to thank colleagues, for their co operations. If you send them e-cards or exchange greetings through messages on occasions like New Year and birthdays, it makes them feel good and helps in building a good professional rapport.