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How you can bring out the best performance and output from your employees?


In modern workplaces, no matter which sector it is handling employees and getting most out of them remains a challenge for the employers. Not every employee in your office can be similar, and you will need to have a detailed understanding of their mindset and psychology to develop personal rapport with them. This will ensure you can bring out the best in each of them. It is also necessary to resort to some policies at workplace that make employees feel that you care for their well being.

It is very important that you know each employee in your organization, at least in small to mid level companies, by name individually. Having personal communication with individual employees in various departments and tiers of the company is crucial. This will help you know them better and address issues more efficiently.

It is essential that you ensure employees who contribute to the growth of the organization or comes up with brilliant solutions during crisis get amply rewarded. This can be done outside yearly employee appraisal system as well. When you appreciate and reward deserving employees they feel motivated to exceed their present performance and enhance productivity.

If you keep watch over employee individually, it will not be difficult to find out what can act a motivation for individuals. This will help you motivate them when the need for extra input arises. Not everyone gets motivated by bonus or incentives. If you find out their sources of motivation, extracting maximum performance from them will become easier.

Wheel it is common to find that employees have made mistakes you need to deal with the matter with a positive approach. When someone in your workforce makes an error he or she is worried and stressed out by default. You can give your feedback in a positive manner while highlighting the importance of working cautiously. You can tell them that we all make mistakes but it is important to learn from mistakes or evade them in future.

It is not just enough to introduce some employee friendly policies at workplace and feel you deserve the best from them. In many companies, the management does not get to know about grievances and problems of junior employees. Therefore, ensure that a channel remains open for your employees, from all levels to reach out to you about problems faced by them. In fact, some entities offer methods for their employees to write to departmental heads or CEO about various problems faced by them at work while remaining anonymous.

At times, there can be problem and clashes between two employees or departments in your organization. At such times, the involved persons or parties can approach you for a solution. When you deal with such serious issues, it is important to take an impartial approach. Refrain from siding with any party and listen from both sides separately.

It is important to observe body language of our employees at times. It can help you learn a lot that they will not tell you directly otherwise. When you spot signs of stress is body language of any employee you can talk with him or her and this can help avoid escalation of any impending problem in many instances.

While it is important to maintain some discipline and decorum at workplace, allowing a little amount of flexibility can help improve work ambiance and keep employees in good mood most of the times. Some organizations, or examples, allow employee to come into casual attires on Friday and Saturdays. These may appear like small nuances but go a long way in maintaining a positive atmosphere in offices.

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