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How you can cope with office politics and ensure career growth?

The Contract
The Contract

No matter which sector your company belongs to, there are some loopholes at work that you simply cannot avoid. One such example is politics at office. While you may not choose to get involved with such stuff at work deliberately, at times you may find yourself amidst tricky situations. You cannot escape such problems in totality and the trick lies in remaining calm and unaffected by those useless gossips, backbiting, and discussions which may land you in trouble. Indulging in office politics can get you in bad books of employer and management and affect your productivity, Hence, you can resort to the below listed tips to steer clear of such stuff at workplace.

When you join a company, spend some time observing activities and work schedule of your co workers. You will soon be able to find out colleagues who indulge in useless gossip and who remain productive most of the time. It will be a good idea to avoid those in your department or team who spend off hours idly back biting about employer or seniors. If you can choose company wisely at the beginning, it will help you stay away from the group who do useless gossiping at work.

While avoiding people who indulge in gossiping and back biting about company or management is impotent you should not be rude towards them. Some of them may turn against you and can put you in trouble later if you refuse their advances too harshly. Hence, you should learn how to refuse them politely or remain professional at all times. If any of them asks your opinion about employer or the management in a way that warrants criticism, try to divert the topic. In some cases, you cannot avoid listening to what they say. At such times, try to be a good listener. It will make them think you are interested in what they say but you are actually at safe side because you do not add to such conversations.

If you are at senior position and find a section of juniors or people in your team indulge in unproductive activities, talking harshly or implementing strict workplace policies will not be of much help. You can introduce schemes and policies that reward hardworking employee and those who put in extra efforts. As a matter of fact, some employees indulge in useless conversation to unwind when they have no work to do. If you offer incentive and rewards in turn for enhanced performance, it will definitely make them more inclined to put in efforts.

As an employer, you may need to understand grudges that employees have. In most cases, when their grudges are not addressed the resentment grows and gossiping starts in various sections of workforce. This can affect productivity and affect the newbie employees eventfully. If you can, try to address the core issues that have made a number of employees resentful. This will help in reduction in such unproductive gossips and resentment.

The way you communicate at workplace with everyone play a role in your growth in the organization and boosts or sours your relation with employer. You never know if the employer has kept tab on a section of employees he suspects to be unreliable or unproductive. Hence, if you are found to be interacting with them most of the times it may make him or re think negative about you. You need to be mindful of what you are saying and with whom at all times.

It is also very important to keep office inside secrets to yourself. At times, a veteran employee who has the habit of indulging in politics at workplace may think of you as a confidant and pass on information. It would be wise on your part to keep such stuff to yourself. Discussion of inside issues of the office may prove to be detrimental for you.

While diplomatic attitude helps when you deal with gossip lovers at work, at times you may need to be straightforward for personal benefit. If you find a number of colleagues are trying to get you involved in their gossips which see useless to you, express your dislike or tell them you have additional work. It will send the message to them.