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How you can cope with stress and anxiety during an interview?


Everyone wants to land a plum job but that is not an easy task for sure. Even the most deserving and eligible candidates applying for a job face hurdles at interviews that can diminish their prospects. This is not necessarily owing to the availability of better candidates or the interview procedure being grinding. There are a number of instances where talented and suitable candidates cannot clear the interview owing to their inner anxiety and stress. It can happen to anyone applying for a job in fact. To deal with nervousness and anxiety during an interview, you can follow some tried and tested methods. While these will not eliminate the sources of stress entirely, you will be in a better position to cope with the stress and anxiety.

Step 1- Stay in top shape

Before going for the interview, get plenty of sleep and rest. Do not stay awake late in the night thinking of the worries. Avoid drinking lots of caffeine based drinks the previous night. If necessary, you can work out before the day of interview and this will help you get enough sleep at night. Have light food before you leave for interview as an empty stomach can affect your concentration.

Step 2- Try to eliminate source of stress

While you cannot avoid certain stress sources related with the interview including other candidates and interviewers, you can certainly take care of elements that can add to your discomfort during the entire process. For example, you should avoid wearing clothes that hinder free movement or makes you uncomfortable. This can affect your demeanor and make you seem less confident to interviewers. In an interview everything from your way of speaking to your body language matters. Reach the venue before time and if necessary, search in web to find available modes of transport to the place beforehand. If you get late, that can also add to anxiety.

Step 3- Make preparation to the best of your capability

If you do adequate preparation for an interview it will be helpful for coping with stress and anxiety. You should try to find out information on the company as it is one of the topics you are likely to face during the interview. Nowadays, you can also use the web and social media platforms to find information on any company.

Step 4- Do not be scared by pressure tactics

At times, interviewers may deliberately try to ask you queries that put you in an uncomfortable situation or make you irate. They want to see how the candidate copes with stress and tough situations. When you are faced with such questions during the interview, try to think of it from a realistic perspective. It is something the interviews try with every candidate and they have nothing personal against you. If you do not know answer of such a question, admit it without showing any sign of nervousness or inferiority in your voice or demeanor. If you think the interviewer us trying to lure you into anger or discomfort, do not let those feelings get better of you.

Step 5- Ask the interviewer

At times, it may be a good strategy to ask the interviewer a few questions. This may give you some time to organize your thoughts to face next questions and make the interviewer think you are serious about the job, at the same time. However, do not ask much on monetary aspects in such times.

Step 6- Bust stress using unobtrusive methods

If you still feel stressed while the interview is going on or when you wait for your turn, resort to measure that allow you to release the stress without being obtrusive. You can read e-book kept in mobile or think of positive and inspiring things in your life to ward off the stress. Try telling yourself that the interview is not an everlasting thing and you can sail through it.

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