Posted May 15, 2013 by rhita in Article

How you can emerge as a responsible employee?


You may have thought at times how nice it would have been if you could own a company and people would work under you. However, reality can be quite grave and most people do not enjoy such facilities. When you join a company as an employee your priority should be to be in good book of employer and establish your credentials in a positive manner. If the employer and management think of you as a responsible employee it will be better for your growth within the organization and long term prospects. This will also help you earn respect from co workers and obtain multiple benefits at workplace. From promotion to incentive, you stand a higher chance of achieving success after you establish your image in a positive way.

To ensure you are deemed as responsible by company management, make it a habit of reaching the workplace in time. Punctuality counts no matter what industry your company belongs to. When you reach late at work, you may hurry to complete work and that can be detrimental. No employer perceives of a late reaching employee in positive way. If you reach early, you can start work in calmer atmosphere and complete your assignments in time.

When you are given an assignment try to complete it in the way needed by the team leader or management. Using shortcuts to finish the work in a hurried manner can do more harm than good to you. If you perform the work with care and keep documented it will help you later to defend yourself if any problem crops up. You need to be careful when completing work on the day before weekly off.

Do not take part in activities like gossiping or using social media sites at work as these can waste productive time. A lot of people do not even realize that by using messenger apps in stealth mode they are actually wasting time and as a result they end up leaving office late. When you get tired or feel bored occasionally, there is nothing wrong in taking small tea or coffee break. However, do not stretch those breaks discussing topics not related with work.

There are some people in workplace who never want to do more than what has been assigned to them. Neither are they inclined to learn new things. Even when you work in a company, the learning process never comes to an end. If you want to ensure growth as an employee you should always spend spare time learning new things related to work. The web can be excellent resource for this. This will help you enhance skills and learn new things that can be of use in long run.

It is very important to present yourself as a cooperative colleague while distancing yourself from unproductive and useless activities at workplace. You should offer assistance to colleagues when they need your co operation for joint projects and assignments but refuse invitations for gossip and idle activities. If you offer them help in times of need, they will also reciprocate.

It is important that you learn how to keep your cool amidst stressful situations at work and appear positive. It is only human to feel worried when things do not get executed in office at times. However, you should not let that worry get reflected in your face, more so when you work with a team of junior colleagues. They will look up to you and feel motivated to work if you stay clam and composed amidst stress.

At times you may feel that a senior colleague is making a mistake. However, if you confront her right at that moment he or she may not agree with you and a misunderstanding may be created. It is important to tell the truth but at times you need to choose the right opportunity for doing so. If necessary, meet him or her later and discuss the topic.