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How you can enhance employment prospects even when you study?

Laboratory of wine products
Laboratory of wine products

Nowadays, preparation for professional life begins even when you are absorbed in academics. The race is intense to succeed in career and when you prepare for your final semesters, you also need to make arrangements to enhance your job prospects. This goes for both male and female students, irrespective of the industry. It has often been seen that students who are academically brilliant and with enviable track records in schools and colleges, struggle to find suitable openings after passing out. This mainly owes to lack of preparation for career. Apart from the campus and university placement assistance, you need to take some initiatives to bolster your career prospects. Below listed are some useful tips that you can use to enhance your job prospects when you complete your education.

Your institution or university can offer you internship though it often depends on your stream and type of course. Some students do pt take internships very seriously but you do not make that mistake. If you get the chance to work as an intern at a major company and perform really well that will add weight age to your resume. Internship also gives you exposure to working life in student hood.

If you cannot get a suitable internship opportunity or there is lack of prospects for your course, get in a part time work opportunity when you study. You can find jobs in many companies that look for fresher and candidates who are not hell bent on high salaries. It will help you earn and develop professional skills before passing out of the course.

If your university permits it, you can opt for part time distance learning or correspondence courses to enhance your technical or IT skills when pursuing the main course. Surely it will require some time from your schedule and you have to bear the cost. However, when you complete it, you will be somewhat ahead of your classmates. You have to pick a course that will competent your skills and related to your academic background in some way.

It may be a good idea to develop your linguistic skills. If you are a student of literature or journalism, proficiency in languages like French, German and Spanish can be of much use to you. You can get more jobs along with offers of working as interpreters if you learn a foreign language well. Needless to say, it adds value to your bio data.

Using social media sites to your advantage will be prudent if you want to consolidate your career prospects. Face book and similar popular social media sites are not only meant for uploading your recent pictures and chatting with friends. In such forums, you can also find resources on companies, courses and career related stuffs in abundance. You have to search carefully and with effort you can come across resources that can be of use to you. You can also search for career oriented groups in such sites. In the same way, you can benefit from having profile in top professional networking sites. Of course, you will have to befriend people in similar fields in such sites and the interaction with them will help you develop your skill sets and knowledge.

Apart from using technology and the web to enhance career prospects, you should also make use of personal communication and networking skills. For example, you can build rapport with seniors in your field including those who are already employed. Their inputs and suggestions will help you prepare better for jobs in long run.

You can also get enrolled in online job service provider sites. Most of these services are offered free and they can help you get jobs of your choice with fewer efforts. You can get updates on openings in your field after enrolling with these agencies. From tweaking your resume to developing your virtual profile, they can help in enhancing your job prospects considerably.