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How you can ensure things go right in a new job?


After completing education or internship, people start applying for suitable openings. No matter which stream you had in your college or university, it is essential to start applying for jobs when you are about to complete your formal education. However, even when you manage to get into a suitable job, things are not over! If t is the first job of your life or a new job, there are some precautions you should follow. This will help you get into good books of the employer and develop a professional image at workplace. There is no rocket science regarding this but you have to maintain some basic decorum and observe things carefully.

When you get into a new job, chances are there the company will provide you training. This can be an induction period or you may be kept under a senior team member to learn the basics. During this period, you should try to learn nuances of the job as far as you can. You should not be afraid of making mistakes because management will understand that you are fresher. However, if you do not learn work nuances in detail and make mistakes later that will be perceived in a negative way by your employer.

It is also very important that you observe the work culture in the organization you get into during the first few weeks carefully. While in any office, you are supposed to maintain some amount of discipline and level of professionalism, there are other things that matter in this context. Observe dress code, people indulging in gossip, rule regarding internet bandwidth and work breaks and so on. While there are some rules you can find in your appointment letter and related documents, you will learn a lot more with careful observation.

You may have some great and thought provoking ideas about your work and alignments. While you can always discuss that with colleagues including seniors, do not be in a hurry to do so. Allow at least a few months to pass so that you get a hang of the things in the new workplace. You need to understand why certain things are executed in a specific manner in your workplace before you think of any alternation.

It will be good if you maintain a positive attitude when you are in an odd situation in workplace. At times the management may deliberately try to make you multitask or put you in stressful situation just to see how you cope with them. If you can maintain your cool and show intention to work as desired, it will win you appreciation.

At times, you may have to cope with nagging or malicious coworkers at an organization soon after joining. Dealing with such colleagues can be really tricky. You may no want to create ruckus at workplace when you are new in the place. However, you may be tactful and convey the issue to management in a diplomatic manner. Avoid ugly fights and arguments that can disrupt atmosphere in the office.

In the first few weeks at the new company, you may not be given too much work. It is logical and good for you but do not loiter in the idle time or watch YouTube. Instead try to learn new things that can help you in long run. Even learning about the company from various resources and looking for reference on your assignments can be helpful. If you remain productive and try to sharpen your skills at off duty timings, it will be appreciated.

Try to be organized in the workplace. It is nice if you keep your cubicle or desk clean and free of clutter whenever possible. These things may seem small but helps in developing a professional image in the workplace. Be careful about adhering to dress codes and maintain punctuality as far as you can. How you appear at the workplace says a lot about your personality and professionalism.

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