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How you can get along with colleagues at workplace?

Mentor Series - Getting Along
Mentor Series - Getting Along

Getting along well with your co-workers may be cumbersome at times, given the fact that you will have to deal with different types of people at workplace, from both genders. At times, despite your best intentions, conflicts can take place. You will not find any workplace in the world, where every co worker thinks on same lines as you! Hence, it will be prudent for you to master ways to deal with different types of colleagues at workplace rather than clashing with them from time to time. You will have to spend a lot of time with them and knowing how to handle difficult ones and get along well with the rest can be of help to you. When you have good terms with your coworkers that also helps you feel happy and be productive at work.

It is better if you can put on a smiling face and positive body language at all times, even at times of stress at workplace. People prefer having positive minded and supportive people round and workplace is no exception. If your superiors observe you stay happy amidst workload and otherwise, they will take it in a good spirit as well.

Whether you are a junior or senior member in your team, make yourself available when your team members need your support. However, do not neglect our individual assignments in the process but a helping hand in times of need is always appreciated and when you need their help they are likely to reciprocate.

It would be a good idea to stay unaffected by office politics. Whether you work in a FMCG company or KPO, office politics can exist. However, you should not indulge in it to evade suffering from clashes that can happen at times. Some people feel that they can get into good books of management through shortcuts like this but chances of negative developments are there as well.

It is not prudent to be a nosy office cop when it is not your job. You should focus on your personal assignment and work before everything else. It is not your business to notice if the co worker in next cubicle keeps his desk untidy or someone else always arrives late in office. There are people who are supposed to look after such aspects.

At times, you may get into an argument with colleague for whatever reasons. However, it will be wise not to have any grudge against such people. You have to remember that you go to office for earning a living and not to build personal relations and create enmity with others. When a conflict happens, try to look at it from a neutral and logical perspective. If you find it was your fault as well, admit it to the other person. This helps in resolving such issues for good.

It is a human nature to be heard and feel important. If you listen more to your colleagues than talk, it will make you desirable quickly. Being a good listener will help you earn faith of people and you will be able to know more about them as well.

You can chat with your colleagues during breaks and off hours but it would be a good idea not to discuss or argue bout certain sensitive topics. Examples include religion and politics. If you become candid about your views on such touchy subjects you may unwillingly end up hurting sentiments of other co workers. This may sour your rapport with them. Being diplomatic or neutral on such topics is ideal.

Sometimes, you can offer your colleagues a surprise treat to elevate their moods. It may not necessarily be for your birthday or promotion as such. Small snacks or beverages can lighten the mood and help all of you beat the boredom. Playing short indoor games at breaks can also help you bond with your co workers well.

Make it a point to thank your co workers for their generosity, however big or small that is. Everyone loves appreciation of his or her deeds and when you give that, you get in good books of your coworkers. While emails and messages for thanking can work, face to face interaction is still the best.

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