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How you can leave a lasting impression at an interview?

Stylish man wearing mens fashion accessories
Stylish man wearing mens fashion accessories

After completing college or a course in university, students embark on professional life and start searching for suitable jobs matching their profiles. However, at times talented candidates with impressive academic records and credentials fail to impress the interviewers. For some of them, the stress and anxiety takes a toll on overall performance and appearance. There are candidates who ruin an interview owing to their overconfident nature. The best way to leave a lasting and nice impression on interviewers is achieving balance between confidence and calmness. There are a few proven methods that you can try to ensure the interviewers get a positive impression about you.

Get your body language and demeanor right - This is one vital area where many deserve candidates falter! Interviewers do not only want to check your academic achievements but they also give marks to candidates who are confident and that gets reflected in their movements, conversation and eye contact. Maintaining steady eye contact with interviewers is important and they do not think positively of candidates who avoid gazing at them. If your body language reflects nervousness, that will be counted against you.

Be Curious and Ask Questions – There is no hard and fast rule that you are only supposed to answer when the interview board asks you a question and cannot ask a question that pops up in your mind! As they take turns to assess your academic skills, suitability for the post you have applied for or grill you by asking tough queries, you can also show your interest in the job. In between questions, you can ask them queries relevant to the company and job responsibilities. It will make them think that you are a professional. It is better not to ask much remuneration relayed queries at this time, as you can feel.

Do your preparation thoroughly - When you go for an interview, no matter which sector it is, it is prudent to do research bout the company. Nowadays, owing to the web and social media this has become lot simpler. You can also get some handy idea in professional networking forums online in this regard. The blogs published in company website can be of great help to you and provide you with insight.

Dress sense can make or break an interview - It is not only about wearing formal attire as companies are becoming somewhat relaxed about interview dress codes. You should ensure the dress does not appear gaudy as this is no place to impress with gorgeous attire. Ensure what you wear is something you are comfortable in. If the tie is too tight or the belt is uncomfortable your body language will give an impression of unease.

Look Confident and Positive at all times - During an interview, try to remain calm and positive. This includes the time when you wait to be called inside the room or wait for next round to begin.  It is important that you do not allow the anxiety and stress to make you look nervous and worried. Even if you feel stressed by questions you are unsure about, appear calm and composed. Do not express negativity about anything, be it about long waiting period, past jobs or anything else. At times, the interviewers deliberately try patience of the candidates to gauge their reaction and capacity to remain calm.

Honesty matters - It may so happen that at an interview, you may be asked questions you are unaware about. The interviewers can also ask you uncomfortable questions about your career gap or change in track etc. In such stressful times, it is important not to lose calm and give honest answer. As a matter of fact, you may not know answers to every question. If you try t beat around the bush or try to divert the topic, the interviewers are likely to catch your intention and it will not give them a positive idea about you. Honest admission is better and you can always put that in a straightforward manner.

Courteousness and appreciation counts - You need to remember interviewers are also burdened with the load of assessing qualification, credential and suitability of several candidates and they are answerable to higher authorities for their choices. This can also take a toll on their mind. Hence, you can take an extra step to stand out in the crowd and show courteousness, without going over the top of course. When you leave the interview, thank everyone for their time and wish them a good day.

Remain professional all along – Just because you come out of the interview with a winning streak after answering all questions properly, does not mean you can be casual. In large scale setups, everything from your attitude on elevator, what you talk with applicants everything is noticed. So, just after exiting interview room, do not start chattering with your best buddy about it or anything else.

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