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How you can make a great impression in your new workplace?

Dressed to impress
Dressed to impress

After you complete your formal or technical education, it is necessary to embark onto professional life. Based on your academic background, qualification and skill sets, you can search for suitable job openings. It may be a time consuming process though deserving candidates do not have to wait for long. However, when you finally land a suitable job, your anticipations do not end there. After clearing several rounds of interviews and screening rounds, when you get the appointment letter with confirmation from the company, you may become concerned about creating the right impression at workplace. No matter how talented he or she is, a new employee remains apprehensive and serious about the first day at work. Below listed are a few tips that will prove to be handy to create nice impression at workplace on the first day.

On the first day at work, you should not hurry to gel with the ambiance and workforce. Everyone knows that you are new and they will not expect you to be perfect from the beginning. On the contrary, accept tips and information from colleagues around. Senior ones may readily offer you useful information about the company and work culture.

Avoid indulging in long conversations with co workers in the first and next few days. Some of the colleagues may like indulging in gossips. As a new employee in the company you should try to avoid getting involved in such stuffs. However, when you are asked something about yourself, answer politely and try to be professional in your approach.

On the first day in office, it will be helpful if you talk less and listen more to others. This will help you gauge ambiance of the workplace and learn about people you will have to work with. Observe how things are being done at the office and the decorum everyone is supposed to maintain. Chances are there these will be mentioned in or service agreement but nothing helps as much as visual observation.

While showing excessive curiosity about work and anything is not prudent when you join a new job, Fee free to ask about work. If there is something you cannot understand clearly, there is nothing wrong in asking colleagues about it just because you are new. It will make people feel you are serious minded and have sense of responsibility.

Try to pick up cues about taking break from work, relaxing or other protocols at workplace on the first day. These may differ from one company to other. These may be separate smoking zones at many offices. You may find some company particular about lunch and the break timings. You need to see what other employees are doing about these as everything may not be told explicitly on the first day. It is better not to make a glaring mistake on the day of joining.

It is also important to show punctuality and be at your presentable best on the first day at office. That is not to say, you should be casual from next days! Reach the office a few minutes before work begins and wear dress that you know you can carry off with élan. Your attire, demeanor and communication style says a lot about you at any workplace, be it an IT agency or insurance company. On the first day, do not put on attire that may appear loud. Women should do better to keep their makeup and ornaments minimal unless it is a glamorous job. Before you leave the workplace, ensure your desk is not cluttered and things are in place. It will be good if you do not show any hurry to leave office on the first day.

Try to appear calm and composed during your first day at work. In most cases, the employer will not burden toy truckloads of work on the very first day. However, utilize the time to gather as much information you can about the company. You can browse company website, social media profile and read printed material for this purpose. This will help you to be better equipped to start work in near future for sure.

Try to learn about your co workers on the first day since your workload is likely to be less. Identify people in your team or group who will work with you every day and try to strike a rapport with them. There will be different types of people for sure and you cannot bond on the same level with everyone. However, developing rapport with your immediate co workers will be helpful for you and they will feel easier as well.

It is quite commonplace to find the management or employer asking you for a round of conversation and discussion on the first day or work though in some cases, it may happen a few days later. In some companies, this is handled by HR executives as well. During this interaction, be attentive and gather information from the seniors. Their inputs may be helpful for you and ask questions that you have in mind. It is important that you remain professional and composed during this interaction.