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How you can rise above the dread of failure?

Businessman pointing rising arrows
Businessman pointing rising arrows

There is hardly any individual in the world who has not felt bugged by the fear of failure at some point of his or her life.

Even the topper in class or the best performing employee in the workplace is haunted occasionally by this numbing feeling. It is just that some of them do not express it to others.

If you become a prey to this fear or negative feeling, it can affect your professional as well as personal life adversely.

It can be owing to various reasons. People brought up in overtly conservative families often become victims to this situation. At times, the fear of failure can get inside the mind and control your thought process without you being aware of it.

If you have a feeling that this is holding you back from achieving your potential, it is time you take the endeavor to rise over this mental block or hurdle. While it may be hard to implement, with right approach you can combat this feeling.

Discover the Root Cause

You have to find out what is generating the feeling in the first place. For this, you may need to think quietly and introspect for some time.

It can be caused by some childhood event, people close to you or certain mishaps. Try to analyze the events leading to development of this fear from the perspective of a third person.

This will help you become more logical and combat it the right way.

Think of Failure as a universal Thing

Stop thinking that it is only you who is affected by failure and its aftermath.

Read autobiographies of stalwarts in fields like technology, literature, science and you will realize that a lot of them met failure a number of times and got written off by mainstream society. However, they did not give up and tried something new or thought from a new perspective which paved way for success.

When you tell your mind that failure is universal and nearly everybody gets his or her share in life, it will be easier for you to think beyond it.

Think of Failure as lessons of life

While the feeling of failure can overwhelm you for some time, you also learn from each failure in life.

Every failure in life teaches you something and you should make it a point not to do those things again that led to the development. This will help you to avoid mistakes later on.

Nobody can know everything in life and there are things in life everyone learns after making mistakes.

Failure is not everlasting

You need to understand the fact that a failure is not an everlasting thing in your life. No matter what the magnitude and after effect of the failure is, you can get over it with effort.

After meeting failure in an endeavor in life, you should analyze it and try to find out why it did not work for you. Once that is done you should focus on a better and viable alternative.

Build positive mindset and free up mind

Lord Buddha had said people become what they think. After a failure, you may become negative for some time. However, it is necessary to get out of that state as soon as you can.

Staying absorbed in negativity day and night is not going to do you any good after all. It helps when you develop a positive about everything.

It is not easy for everyone but methods like meditation and yoga can help you immensely. At times, professional counseling can also be sought.