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How you can work from home without losing focus and productivity?


Nowadays, you can find a number of people who have started working from comfort of their home. They are mostly into IT related jobs but slowly professionals from other sectors are also switching to this mode of work. In fact, a number of MNCs are offering this option to their employees. When you are sick, have some urgent work at home or there is transport problem, working from home can resolve problems for both sides. Working from home has its share of advantages as well as drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that you can get distracted easily. Since there is no boss or senior supervisor to keep tab on your activities, you may grow lazy and this can affect quality of work and make meeting deadlines difficult. There are some strategies that you can try to ensure you do not lose focus and deliver diligently while working from home.

To ensure, you do not get diverted easily when you work from home, make a routine and make a resolve to stick to that, no matter what happens. Remember, that it is no charity and the quality of work will be analyzed at end of the day by the employer, no matter where you work from. Besides, if your performance is not up to the mark, next time you may have difficulty in getting allowance from employer for working from home.

Make it a point to stay away from all sources of interactions at home. Do not keep the land phone in the room where you will be working. Similarly, keep the mobile phone in silent mode for the time you work. If there are others at home, tell them you will need to be alone for some hours. Lock the door of the room from inside when you start working and do not go out unless it is absolutely required. It will also be a good idea to keep the TV out of that room as you may feel like watching programs you like and that may make delay in work.

Select a suitable room in the house for work to minimize distractions of various kinds. It is better if it is inside house or a little aloof. For example, a room on top of the roof or near the garden will be ideal. It may not be possible to make the room soundproof but isolation from outside noise, bustle and noise is desirable for work without interruptions.

It is important that you be accessible to your colleagues and clients when you work from home. It may be a good idea to keep a number dedicated for work. This will make it easier for your colleagues if they need to speak to you. At times, things related to work may not be properly explained through email or chat applications and a conversation may be required. This will also make the employer that you are serious about work and responsibility as a professional.

Apart from tangible and physical distractions that may hamper you productivity when you work from home, you have to evade all types of online distractions too. Make it a point to avoid opening social media sites. Some people may need to use messenger applications for chatting with colleagues but make sure you set the status to busy or working, based on the application. If personal friends ping you online, tell them you are busy at work.

It is also important that you keep the resources in shape and make arrangements for backup when you need to work from comfort of your abode. The two basic things that need to be in place are electricity and internet connection. It would be ideal if you keep more than one internet connection active for this purpose. This will ensure your work will not be disturbed if one stops working. Present generation laptops are quite capable of coping with power outages so that will not be a problem.

You may feel fatigued and bored at times when you work from home. It is surely a departure from regular mode of work when you can see everyone around and interact with them in person. The virtual interaction throughout the day may make you feel somewhat isolated. To evade this fleeing, you can take small breaks during the day. For example, you can enjoy a brisk walk at the garden or neighborhood. However, make sure that you do not overdo it. You may listen to light music when you work but ensure it is not distracting.