Posted March 16, 2013 by MotiveHub in Article

Only You can help Yourself


Stop making excuses

Life is all about finding the easiest way out. Waiting and doing nothing but expect matters to get better on its own. Very often do we make excuses for occurrence we don’t want to confront or want to ignore it.

By covering up or by making excuses the problem will not fall into place magically.

There could be major or minor circumstances one would make excuses for. But dealing with and facing it would help you get the situations in control by allowing you to overcome them and take action into making it right.

There are countless reasons and various situations to why people make excuses. Let it be in denial for personal crises by covering it up with excuses because you are afraid to face it or to simple matters where by choice we prefer to avoid.

No matter how big or small is the tackle, in the end it is how we want to control the situation. By making excuses and dragging the matter more it’s likely to be a regretted part of your life then a solved one.

Let these excuses not be obstacles. The solutions for the excuses are in your control. Let go of the excuses and overcome them.

Discover what you’re passionate about

There could be various things you do of your interest but in the end you are not passionate about them, so how do you figure it out. Start thinking of what you do in your spare time.

Whether it’s something you want to do full time, something you love and want to do for the rest of your life or maybe even get paid for.

If you still don’t find your passion in the activities you do in your spare time or the current interest’s you have got, and then you could try your hand in new hobbies. Sign up for classes try all sorts of things. Talk to people who are involved in doing things that interests you.

Don’t jump into conclusion. Take your time; it won’t come to you right away. But when you think it feels right make a go for it. It’s good to trust your instincts.

Avoid motivation burnout

In the beginning we get all enthusiastic about our passions, goals, achievements. But then comes this certain point where you have lost interest in the role you were motivated to take up in the first place.

Have you though why this happens. Whether it’s just you. That you lose interest too quickly. This is not necessarily a problem. It’s simply a stage where you feel exhausted in what you’re doing.

Try taking time off. Indulge yourself in other activities also. Keep yourself interested in various activities and don’t let stress get in the way.

Set boundaries and don’t overdo yourself. When you find yourself in the situation where you feel everyday is a bad day, then take a break try doing something where at that point you truly want to do.

It only takes a little bit of slowing down and relaxation to avoid motivational burnout to continue doing what you otherwise love.