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Stop Making Excuses!

no excuses
no excuses

Making excuses is a bad habit that people develop in life to escape from facing the reality. People give excuses if they fail to do as expected. They also use the excuse to justify themselves.

This is a habit that makes people fail to attain integral human development. Giving excuses all the time makes a person look lazy, weak or a coward. However, it is possible to stop giving excuses using the following strategies.

One way to stop giving excuses is to organize your priorities. Organizing priorities involves understand what is the most important thing for you. Out of the many priorities one may have there are those that are more critical than others.

It is important to start doing those things that are of higher priority. This helps avoid priorities conflict that leads to making excuses. It is advisable to have a system for making personal decisions.

The system helps prevent doing what feels best, and start doing thing according to their priority. For example, if you are faced with two activities it is good to look at which of the two should be accomplished first.

It is also good to look at which rank higher in order of priority. Having clear priority of events eliminate making excuses. It helps simplify decisions that have got conflicting values. With clear priorities it is difficult to make justification of neglecting some other important events by giving excuses.

The other important strategy is being ready to step into uncomfortable situations. Success in life involves taking big risks and facing failure. Problems always arise when you avoid taking an action because of fear of failure.

You end up doing just the easy things and avoid the most difficult things. This opens an door of making excuses for that failure. To avoid such situations it is advisable to break down the uncomfortable steps.

It is also good to develop the courage to take even the most difficult and risky actions. If it becomes difficult to take the next step because of fear it is good to break the actions in that step into smaller parts.

These are parts that you can handle instead of giving excuses for not taking the entire action. In case it is difficult to breakdown a step, you must develop confidence to face it entirely.

It is also good to seize opportunities as they come. This is because there is no perfect time to take a certain action. Giving excuses and waiting for the perfect time to do something hinder the possibility of success.
It is also important that you have well set goals and clarify your expectations. It is always advisable to set attainable goals that you want to accomplish by taking an action and be committed to attain these goals.

If it is in a job first think of the expectations and commitment required to accomplish a task. If you find the expectations to be too much do not take it to avoid giving excuses when you fail.