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Tips for Overcoming Fear

No fear concept
No fear concept

Fear is a good biological instinct when it protects us from risky situations but in some circumstances it denies us success and victory by preventing us from taking risks. There are two types of fear; physical fear and true fear.

True fear is important because it is a body’s means of warning against danger. Physical fear comes about when the body activates fear responses without real danger.

Fear takes the control of a person’s life and controls destiny. A person controlled by fear surrenders life to it and thus cannot make life changing goals. It also leaves feelings of regret.

Fear prevents you from taking opportunities that appear in your life, which later cause regret when you look back and wonder why you never tried. Similarly, fear slows down the rate of personal growth because it is subject to taking risks.

The first step towards tackling fear is being aware of the situation that causes it. Analyze and determine the negative impacts that the fear could bring in your life so that you are energized to initiate change.

This is followed by changing our perspective because fear will only be seen as negative if only you hold that perspective. Changing perspective also means seeing your efforts of fighting fear as an adventure rather than a burden.

Creating curiosity will too help in handling fear. Be curious to know the thoughts that cause fear in your life, places where you experience the fear and how you usually react to such situations.

Live in the present as a measure of overcoming those fearful situations. Taming your thoughts in the present does not mean you won’t make plans or even look back.

It means avoiding dwelling on situations that may have gone wrong in the past and those that are likely to go wrong in future. Such thoughts will only pile fear to a point where you are not able to work.

Try hypnosis in a bid to control fear. It means programming good thoughts to the mind while avoiding negative beliefs. This will keep away thoughts that bring fear. Talking will also significantly reduce fear.

Never fear of what people may think of you when you express yourself. They actually will help in talking you out of the situation. Related to this also is finding a model.

This is someone who experienced the same fear as yours but managed to overcome it. Contact such people and ask how they managed it, then apply their experiences to your life.

Look at failure in a different light. See failure in a positive way and learn tips that will help you in future improvement. Redefine the mind’s perspective of fear to reduce negative emotional experiences that come along. Take it as a feedback instructing you on what to improve next time.
Reading inspirational and motivational books helps a lot in suggesting options that will aid you to get rid of fear. Fear is experienced in all spheres of life, but it will only enslave us if we allow it a chance of intimidating us.

It is like a stage of life in which we have to take little steps in order for as to move to a level of confidence and success.

Just like Shakespeare said; “life is a stage and we each must play a part.