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Ways to ensure you can get the maximum output from employees in your organization


No matter how far technology has evolved with time, in a professional setup, humans are needed to carry out the work eventually. This is also true of those high end setups, where a majored part is controlled by automated devices and computers. From selling products to promoting services and interacting with customers, you need to depend on your workforce at the end of the day. While the employees are of utmost importance to the company, not all company succeeds in getting the most out of the employees. As a result, in many companies, including some of the top notch MNCs a lot of employees remain underutilized.

As a matter of fact, in several instances company managements remain oblivious to the fact that a majority of their workforce do not yield the maximum output they are capable of offering. This is caused by several reasons but the most important one is lack of inspiration to work and reasons to feel motivated about the job. Some of the employees also resent the fact albeit silently that the management never takes note of their potential and appreciate it ever. Some of them even grow indifferent and do not care about growth and prosperity of the organization. They just do not bare minimum to continue with the job.

To ensure your employees do not get demotivated and become indifferent about the company and their responsibilities, you need to look at the entre thing from a practical human perspective. Irrespective of the designation ad qualification, every human being wants appreciation, attention and care. This is true about your employees as well. The challenge lies in creating a work atmosphere devoid of negative vibes and partiality. You have to find ways to make employees feel they are important and their contribution counts. This will inspire them to give their maximum output and productivity will shot up.

There are no overnight solutions to make your employees feel charged up and motivated but a few tips can be applied at appropriate time. There are ways to incorporate changes in management philosophy, work ethics, skill development that can make your employees feel better and extract optimum performance from them.

It is important that you share necessary information with employees generously. For example, when you introduce a change in work related aspect lie duration, incentive or performance appraisal. Make sure the details are explained to different tiers of employees. They should not feel that the management makes changes as per their whim without bothering about employee needs and benefits.

The management in a company should deal with performance related problems directly. It is better to deal with those employees who are not giving their best rather than leaving the task to some mid level supervisor. Ignoring such issues create space for other workers to feel demotivated and this can take a toll on overall productivity.

It is essential to train your employees and help them improve skills from time to time. The successful companies, irrespective of their industries, spend a considerable amount of money and resources in training their manpower and helping them in skill improvement. This enhances productivity and acts as a morale booster for your workforce.

It is important for management of a company to take steps that make workforce feel that the company management is not an isolated lot leading luxurious lifestyles while most of the workers are slogging it hard. From performance tracking to setting plans for all departments, the management should be involved in every aspect of work in some way or the other.

It is very important that you have some time for listening to the employees. Your employees may have a lot to say and some of them may harbor resentments. If you do not keep any option for them to let the management know of the issues troubling them, that can affect productivity. Some companies offer employees the provision of lodging grievances without disclosing identity and you can try that as well. Some companies also offer in company counseling to resolve such conflicts and problems.

Think of introducing stress busting provisions at workplace to alleviate feelings of boredom. No matter whether your company deals with insurance or sell computer parts, work related boredom is bound to seep in. This can affect workflow and productivity at times. To cope with it, companies deploy methods like occasional fun events, parties, get together etc that keep employees happy and help them feel motivated.

It is important to impose certain restrictions at work like internet access, limits on using chat or social media at work hours. However, these should not be done in a puritanical manner. You can introduce such workplace directives in a manner that does not depict the management as a ruthless monster. Using light-hearted references and positive messages can be useful here.


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