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What are the best effective methods to enhance customer experience?


Nowadays, businesses have a lot more ways than before to reach out to target buyers. They can promote and endorse their services and products using multiple means. However, on the other hand customers also have a lot more choice. They can resort to alternatives if your company products and services do not meet their needs. Therefore, you can no longer bank exclusively on product quality and a killer advertising campaign. It is very important to pay attention to customer experience and improve it by all possible means. This is not much difficult if you keep eyes open and adopt suitable policies.

It is very important for you to understand what the customer feels about your company, service and products from his perspective. For this, you have to interact with customers more often. Detailed interaction with customers, online and otherwise, will help you get their feedbacks and those in turn can aid you in understanding their needs better. You can obtain feedbacks from customers through a number of ways these days. Through online surveys, voice calls and paper forms you can obtain feedback of customers. Once you gather these, your perception will be quite clear.

In many situations, a customer can approach your company’s customer care team for help. It could be owing to a faulty product. At times, customers who are not much tech savvy find it hard to get used to various aspects of a new product. It may also happen that the customer is interested about some limited period deals offered by your company and wants detailed information on it. In any case, it is better that you respond fats to the customer query. Delay in response from a company makes the customer either angry or indifferent. If he is calling up your company for the first time, the response time is of paramount importance. It is applicable for both telephonic and online response. If your staffs show reluctance in responding the customer will lose interest in your products and services and flock to other companies quickly.

It is important that you develop an emotional connection with the customers. Experts say, what you say is not that important as how you say is! At times, sales persons can sell a product to a customer even when he was not looking for it because of the way they approach that person. There will be various types of customers that you will come across in your business. It is important to find ways and elements to appeal to the customers.

To retain customers who have bought from your company a number of times, you can offer them bonus deals and add a touch of personalization to it. For example, you can offer them additional cashback coupons for purchase during a period. It would be even better if you can offer them small gifts during personal occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. This does not cost much but helps creating strong impression on customers. It also helps them spread positive word of mouth publicity which is quite effective even in the age of digital communication.

It is necessary to review existing customer experience principles from time to time. You may train your staffs and workforce with effective industry frameworks and hire third party management groups for the training. Some of the leading MNCs use round the clock surveillance and monitoring of quality of customer staffs interactions.

While online surveys and email marketing have been in use for quite some time, you need to harness the power and reach of social media to improve customer experience. For example, your website needs to have full integration with social media sites like twitter and Facebook. A lot of people find logging in a website to buy a product or avail a service trough their social networking profiles really convenient. Similarly, you can use social media sites to offer special deals and promos to loyal customers.