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What can be your best defensive steps against attrition in the organization?

Outdoor step
Outdoor step

There can be many barriers in your company’s way to success. Apart from issues like economic turmoil, competition from rivals in industry, you also need to be careful about the menace of attrition. While its defect is evident more in the IT sector, it affects organizations in other industries as well. If you do not pay enough attention to cope with this issue, your company’s productivity and progress will be severely harmed.

How attrition hurts your company

It is just not about losing a significant part of your workforce. The consequences of attrition can be quite far reaching. Among those employees who leave your organization untimely, there can be those with leadership potentials and synchronization skills. Losing those employees can turn out  to be a real loss for the company. Apart from that, if the employees on whom you have spent a considerable amount in training and skill up gradation leaves the company that can be detrimental for the organization in every sense.  Besides, the negative word of mouth spread by irate employees who leave the company untimely can hurt the company image eventually.

Understand the roots of attrition

It is important that you understand what is leading to unexpected high attrition level in your company. It can be caused by a number of factors. The most important reasons are

  • Employee policy that is unsuited for majority of workforce.
  • Lack of policies and provisions for the employees to be heard by management.
  • Lack of stress busting and relaxation options for workforce.
  • Lack of flexibility at workplace.

How to deal with employee drop out effectively

It is not possible to prevent employee drop out altogether. However, with revisions in policies and strategic moves by management, its rate can definitely be brought to normal level. There are some tried and tested measures that you can try to check rates of employee drop outs in the company.

To reduce possibilities of employees leaving the organization unexpectedly or untimely, pay attention to the existing recruitment process. If there are lapses in employee credential verification and screening procedures it will result in unsuitable candidates getting recruited, who may not fit the need. Either they will leave work earlier or you will have to take in replacement. It is a loss for the company either way. Hence, ensure the recruitment process is as flawless as possible.

Nowadays, a number of companies conduct exit interviews for candidates who are about to leave the organization. It is actually prudent and will help you understand the root factors that are leading to employee drop out in the company.

At times, attrition can be caused by unsuitable management policies and workplace atmosphere. At times, some middle level senior employees can be cause of grudge of newcomers because of their ways and attitude. This needs to be dealt with care.

It is not only monetary satisfaction that your employs crave for. In stress ridden working environment, everyone needs to bust the stress. Give your employees more chances and options to relax from time to time. That is why some MNCs offer employees theme parties, occasional short trips and similar events where they can unwind and spend some good time together. At times, flexibilities like provision of weekend informal dress code, work from home in specific situations can also help retain employees in the organization.

It is important to keep the channels of communication open between employees of every tier in the company and management. Some top notch corporate companies offer employee options to write or communicate to the management without disclosing identity about various intra-organizational issues. It would be a good idea to interact with employees you find stressed or perform poorly in a candid and friendly manner to sort out issues that can lead to attrition. Sometimes, taking feedback of employees online or otherwise for their views on company policies and expectations can prove to be helpful.