Posted May 31, 2013 by rhita in Article

What you need to do to take your career to soaring heights?


There are millions of people, both women and men, who do not have clear idea about ways to take their career to desired heights. A lot of them are involved in jobs that fulfill their monetary needs but do little else. If you are one of these professionals, it is time you think of strategies that can give a boost to your career and take it to the heights you always have dreamt of. It will not happen overnight and there is no shortcut formula to enhance career prospects but if you are consistent and work diligently about improving your career results will show. Below listed are a handful of tactics that you can resort to if improving career and taking it to great heights is on your mind.

It is important that you set high limits for your career growth. Of course, you have to be aware of limits and realities relating to your industry but setting a high goal will help you strive harder and put in your best efforts. This in turn will ensure that you reach close to the pre set target, if not exceed it by a margin.

It is always necessary that you do not remain content with your skill set. The competition is high whether you are in IT or teaching. There will always be newcomer contenders who have updated skill sets and you have to match up to them and perform better whenever possible. This is not possible if you do not acquire new skills and polish existing skills. It may not be as difficult as you think. If you think you are too pressed with workload and do not get enough time in weekends for doing course, there is a way out. Many universities institutes and even government organizations nowadays offer online courses. You can pursue such courses at your suitable timing. This will be helpful for you and you can learn new language, complete a computer course or acquits any technical skill without hassle.

Networking is the key to success no matter what sector you belong to. Nowadays, thank to spread of technologies like mobile telephony and the web, you can network faster than ever before. Stating from your ex- colleagues, friends, industry seniors and even ex employers you are on cordial terms with- lots of people can be of use to you. You can find them in social media platforms. Do not overlook professional networking sites either. In such sites, you can connect with companies and groups you are interested in, along with connecting with peers in industry. This can prove to be helpful and you can find opportunities in more ways than you do otherwise. Apart from job openings, the resources you can find in such forums can help enhance your skill and knowledge.

It is prudent that you try to utilize your free time at work. Instead of indulging in useless and idle gossips with co- workers, you can read useful resource and tutorials in web related to your work. These are available in aplenty and most of them are free. This will help you stay you ahead of competitors by a margin.

Those professionals who always strive to excel at work, end up achieving more than what they had thought initially. Hence, if you get a promotion or incentive after some months at work, do not get complacent. On the contrary, think of it as a small step ahead in way of career and remind yourself that there is still a long way to go.

Take the feedback from company or management seriously. Even when you do well, there can be rooms for improvement. You can always ask the employer for his candid opinion on your performance and thereafter try to improve on the aspects mentioned. It will not only help you get into good books of a company but you will benefit in long term, career wise.

Be very careful about your communication as far as professional life is concerned, Everything including the dress you put on to the way you design your CV matters, when you apply for a job or seek change in careers. Be careful in the use of words and practice hard to avoid using phrases and terms that are not deemed suitable in professional setup. If necessary, you can get a personality development training to enhance your communication skills. Nowadays, it is not adequate to have a nice academic or professional record, the way you present yourself matters a lot.