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Your guide to survival post a relation Break Up


When you get into a relation with another person, irrespective of gender and ethnicity you want it to work out the way you desire. However, in real life things often do not turn out that way. When you cannot save a relation despite your best efforts and life becomes a complicated mess, it is prudent that you walk out of it. While a lot of people will advise you to move on with life, it is easier said than done. What you need at such times is practical tips to overcome the trauma, feeling of loneliness and negative thoughts. By adopting the following tips you will be able to cope with post breakup period.

Discard things that remind of your ex - Maybe your ex boyfriend or girlfriend had gifted you a lot of things, on occasions like birthday or anniversary. You may feel these things are still precious but discarding them is the first step to eradicate those memories. An empty cupboard will seem less painful than one stuffed with things gifted by your ex partner.

Make new friends and reconnect with existing ones – Just because you could not succeed in a relation it does not mean the world has deserted you or you cannot make new friends anymore. While some people choose to be lonely after a breakup to bear the pain and ease it out that may not work for everybody. If you keep nurturing those thoughts it might make you a recluse in no time. Try to interact with your close friends and it is prudent to make new friends. Go out with them and spend time doing activities you like.

Vent out feelings kept within - It would be a good idea to talk with close buddies whom you can count on. Their moral support will help you to move on and start life afresh after a relation gone awry. Of course, you need to be selective when sharing inner grief and feelings with someone.

Engage yourself in hobbies - You must have heard the proverb that empty mind can be the devil’s workshop? Well, it is quite true. When you work in office or other places you may be fine. However, in weekends or holidays things could be different. Therefore, you can do things that interest you n leisure time rather than remembering the memories of the relation. You can do gardening or adopt a pet if that is of interest to you. Some people also find designing or creative hobbies more interesting. Whether your hobby is creative or not, ensure you do something that keeps your mind engaged!

Spend time with yourself without being entirely solitary - This is very important if you want to move on after a breakup. On some weekends or off days, you may not find a friend to chat with or watch a movie tether. In such cases, venture out on your own. You could go to a restaurant and pamper yourself with an exotic wine and seafood dish you relish. This will help you overcome the feeling that people are judging you and help enhance self esteem in a way.

Find a channel to bring out the aggression - In some instances, you may feel very bitter about the way the break up took place. It may so happen that the thought of your ex double timing on you remain a raw wound inside heart. You may also feel bad about his abusive ways. Do not keep such aggression inside the heart. Find a channel to vent out the extreme feelings so that they do not cause harm to you. Sports or gym can be a good option for this.

Avoid narcotic substance consumption - Some people seek refuge in alcohol or other addictions after they face a breakup. Remember the hallucination obtained from substance abuse makes your condition worse in long run and damages your health. Professional counseling can be of real help in such condition.